Sweet Selection

Colourful Confection

Sweet Selection brings this original colourful candy to the shores of New Zealand, ready to turn any plain-looking cake into a multi-hued masterpiece. With a range spanning Bubble-gum balls, crunchy-shell Choc Drops, and vividly colourful Dextrose decorations, Sweet Selection aims to capture the spirit of celebration at every event. Crisp branding alludes to a sense of culinary mastery, set amongst playful packaging which lets the product shine bright, with bold colours defining each range.

Logo and brand identity for Sweet Selection
Walsheim typography specimen
bold colours of the sweet selection brand
playful packaging of sweet selection
range of baking and cake decorating utensils
colourful arrangement of sweet selection confectionary
rotating selection of packaging detail
transparent packaging showcases the product inside
bubble gum balls ready to form a multi-hued masterpiece
yellow stars from the dextrose range spilling out of the packaging
colourful assortment of sweet selection candy neatly laid out in a repeating pattern