Spark Arena

Rebranding A Beloved Venue

When the country's largest arena undergoes a change in naming rights, there's plenty of work to be done replacing all the branded elements both inside and outside the space. We worked with the new Spark Arena brand identity developed by Designworks, applying the system to various signage, posters, passes, and more. Working to a newly created triangle-grid, we formed a range of applications of the repeating geometric pattern in Spark's colour palette throughout the space. By the time we were finished, not a single reminder of the arena's old name was left behind, with the entire venue drenched in bold colours, patterns, signage systems, and context-based calls to action promoting the free WiFi provided by the venue's new headline sponsor.

Spark Arena exterior showing illuminated signage at night
Spark Arena flag showing pattern and brand logo
VIP showpass for Spark Arena showing triangle-grid pattern
Staff identity card green
Spark arena staff identity card orange
Spark arena ID card pink
Spark purple branded staff ID card
Foyer posters with Ed Sheeran, Beyonce, Justin Timberlake, and Dave Grohl from Foo Fighters
Bruno Mars poster showing geometric triangle-grid brand pattern
Spark Arena posters featuring Taylor Swift and Bruno Mars
Poster with call-to-action for Spark's free wifi
Spark Arena branded wayfinding system signage
Context-based call-to action signage promoting Spark's Free wifi