Royal-G Digital

Breaking With Tradition

A restaurant concept daring to break away from tradition needs an online presence that does the same. Aligning with the restaurant's key theme of 'not your mum's Indian', we set out to create a digital campaign that was something out of the ordinary. With a website that scrolls diagonally through a mix of urban streetscapes and contemporary Indian cuisine, the site is equal parts concept and communication.

A social media launch campaign served to break away from the typical associations of 'meat-and-gravy' dishes, educating an online audience to the broader range of food from a wider area of the subcontinent. The brand voice keeps things light, with tongue-in-cheek messaging spanning everything from menu descriptions to recruitment advertising.

Royal-G web design scrolls diagonally
screenshot of Royal-G unconventional web design
Staff member carrying a tray of food at a launch party
Social media imagery of Royal-G food photography
montage of Royal-G social media campaign imagery
Chaat masaala in a bag held by chef Javier Carmona
plate of ceviche on textured copper plate