A Snapshot of The Brand

Nandos has recently been undergoing a transformation that has seen the whole brand flipped upside down, while building on the strength of the product and service which has carried the company this far. We worked to capture the spirit of the brand's new direction through a series of images showcasing the individual character of each restaurant interior and sharing the stories of the people who work tirelessly to make every guest experience memorable. The resulting content was applied across Nando's social media channels, website, and branded collateral.

Spirit of the new Nando's interior experience
Nando's employee proudly standing at entrance of the restaurant
Nandos brand image
Tile mosaic from Nando's restaurant interior
Experience of using a Nando's restaurant bathroom
Nando's hot sauce bottle lineup for social media
long-exposure of car racing past a newly refreshed Nando's restaurant
Nando's waiting area restaurant interior
Imagery used on Nando's website
Website screenshot of home page
Tireless staff member on Nando's social media
NANDOS interior on social media campaign
NANDOS shared table in restaurant interior
interior detailing of unique yellow pattern
unique character of a Nando's restaurant interior
staff member in Nandos uniform