Māngere Town Centre

A Place of Belonging

Māngere Town Centre stands apart from the monolithic malls springing up around Auckland, with a particular focus on the vibrant local community and a defined Pacific Island influence running through the stores. We worked to capture some of the local pride, distilling the essence of cultural diversity unique to the Māngere area into a brand that creates a warm space, inclusive of all.

We produced a launch campaign centred around a simple invitation to visitors: “Love Your Town Centre” – a message of ownership, belonging, and mutual respect. We captured portraits within the mall, stopping random passers-by who were all too happy to pose in support of The Town Centre. And we developed a vibrant colour palette drawing inspiration from iconic imagery of the Pacific – tones representative of the ocean, sand and sun; all coming together in one place.

Throughout our time working with Māngere Town Centre, we’ve seen the power of design to not only influence perception, but to build genuine loyalty – with a decline in graffiti and tagging in the area, a renewed sense of cultural inclusiveness, and an increase in sales from customers traveling from further afield. The outcome has been a renewed focus on the one-of-a-kind cultural offering of the mall, in a space loved by everyone.

Mangere Town Centre tropical palm icon logo
Island dancers
MTC Business card designs with island pattern
branded shopping bags
Pacific inspired pattern
reusable eco bag custom screen print
brand identity document
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brand guidelines colours
brand colours pacific inspired
Mangere Town Centre outdoor main signage roadside
branded flag
Zumba dancer wearing branded t-shirt
portrait photography
lady wearing floral crown from portrait photography series
Love your town centre posters
alternate design love your town centre posters and portrait series