Hospitality Business, Sorted.

A newcomer to the hospitality resource space, Hospo set out to transform the way small businesses run in this competitive industry. Hospo is a fully online platform which offers a one-stop solution for staff recruitment, scheduling, training, and legal compliance. The vibrant colour palette of the site steers away from the soulless feel common to less-specialised recruitment platforms, and a language-switcher makes the website easily accesible to people from the diverse backgrounds that make up the hospitality sector.

Aside from designing and developing the website, we also worked to create the overall brand, supporting print collateral, social media campaign, and a direct-mail prospectus magazine sent to hospitality employers around the country.

Hospo main logo and wordmark
Hospo logo yellow
Hospo yellow blue
Hospo logo orange
Recruitment tagline
Digital design home page screenshot
Browse jobseekers screen design
Hospo social media campaign
Hospo print prospectus
Hospo print prospectus spread
Print prospectus spread
print prospectus collateral
Print prospectus with photography
Hospo digital design
Hospo prospectus magazine
HOSPO business cards