Gravity Website

A Focus On The Future

The Gravity website is the first digital implementation of this newly redeveloped brand, showcasing the full suite of assets working together. With so much equity tied up in the purple hues, utilising that full segment of the spectrum required careful application to ensure the bold colour didn’t overwhelm.

The Gravity website communicates the company's core values of ‘people over product’, and gently reminds customers that when it comes to a household name already loved by so many people, it’s not (all) rocket science.

The halftone dot pattern synonymous with Gravity Coffee was applied on the home page, alongside a slowly rotating gradient reminiscent of planetary orbit – symbolism further tying the brand’s message of future-focussed sustainable practice to space-age typography. Diagrams and line-style illustrations evoke an aesthetic of technical manuals, alongside the warmth of human-centric photography. Stories of the process from crop to cup are presented with subtle site-wide animations, giving content a sense of airiness as messages float into view with each page load.