A Prized Posession

Taking its name from the plateau where coffee was first grown in Laos, Bolaven serves up fresh food laced with Laotian tradition. A small mortar & pestle adorning the kitchen pass hints at the history behind the food, with many of the dishes based off recipes handed down from previous generations including the proprietor’s great-grandmother – who emigrated to New Zealand, bringing only that sole prized possession with her. The Bolaven brand takes a fresh, modern approach while still offering a subtle nod to the history underpinning every element. The restaurant received an abundance of positive press from major media outlets (including the New Zealand Herald, The Denizen, and Metro Magazine) upon their much-anticipated opening.

Bolaven cafe wordmark logo
Bolaven table setting and menu design
Bolaven cafe collateral, loyalty cards, restaurant gift vouchers
Bolaven brand pattern
hand drawn illustrations of teapot, rum, herbs
Bolaven cafe interior with bespoke art and exposed brick wall
cafe window vinyl
Bolaven restaurant styling
BOLAVEN cafe interior
light box with Bolaven logo
Opening hours signage
Menu design with brand pattern
Bowl of pho alongside Bolaven menu