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Image of the menu design at the Little Sazerac, an American-inspired bar in Auckland, branding by Studio Six
Photo of a Mexico Hot Sauce Bottle, illustrated and designed as a packaging project completed by Studio Six
Screenshot from the Pager iPhone app, showing the logo, brand and UI design from within the app. The screenshot is rendered on an iPhone screen, appearing like something you can interact with when using the app.
'B' from the Bolaven logo – a branding project by Studio Six
Sample image from a photography project for a mens fashion watch brand
Recipe card designed for Mexico, a popular New Zealand chain of Mexican restaurants
Mockup image of exo protein bar packaging displaying the logo prominently across the range
Photography for Blue Baths Catering, capturing the modern-style cuisine of Timo Dicker
Logo featuring a tooth emblem for branding project Alisha Pereira BDS
Worldmark logo and branding applied on coasters designed by Studio Six for Orleans, a southern-inspired bar and restaurant brand across New Zealand
Photo of 3 jars from the Sweet Selection packaging range, artwork design and identity by studio six
Image of the website design for Helping Hands - a New Zealand tech startup, featuring the logo and brand images designed by studio six
Posters designed for Auckland Unitec featuring photography and typographic solutions by Studio Six
Sample from a promotional design piece featuring the photography of a respected Nike photographer
Poster design featuring a digital illustration of a Mexican Skull, screen printed onto a limited edition poster
Portrait photography from Creationfest design competition

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